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PreGel International Training Centers

The recipe for your success

PreGel International Training Center

The recipe for your success

Training and education are crucial in our sector. They represent a service that PreGel has been providing to clients and investors worldwide for years.

PreGel’s primary duty is to thoroughly support our business partners, giving them the tools and knowledge necessary develop their own successful and profitable businesses. To do this, offering high quality products and innovative ideas is not enough. It is crucial to provide a complete and updated training service, both theory and practical, on effective products use and the myriad of applications PreGel's specialty ingredient solutions produce.

With this objective in mind, PreGel is merging the different educational platforms created at our various training centers over the years into one unique global program: the International Training Centers (ITC). The ITC will officially start in 2016 after a pilot course which will be held at Pregel Spa, the company's headquarters in Reggio Emilia beginning in November.

The PreGel ITC is not a simple gelato school, it is, in fact, a unique training network with many local premises. All PreGel subsidiaries are currently finalizing new training center curriculums, and from early 2016, will offer:

  • Standardized and integrated programs, with common teaching methods, for both theory and practical training.
  • Fundamental and advanced gelato and pastry courses, developed to meet the needs of both beginners and expert professionals, plus courses focused on other aspects of the business, such as marketing initiatives, business plans and general management.
  • 5-Star Chef Pastry Series® taught by world-renowned pastry chefs, plus individual and personalized courses for an efficient and more concentrated learning experience.
  • Carefully selected instructors, with proven experience and competence.

Due to its deep internationalization and its capillary presence all over the world, PreGel is indeed able to offer up to date training services, suggesting new concepts and avant-garde solutions which read and interpret the new trends of different markets.

Thanks to the ITC, PreGel will not only continue to promote the tradition of artisan gelato, but the excellence of Italian cuisine around the world.

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