PreGel Training UK

About us

The International Training Center was created to support those that wish to learn a specific method, combining Italian gastronomic traditions, proven modern innovative principles and ethics of excellence; providing our students with the foundations to succeed! 

The ITC courses are constructed in a dynamic way in order to promote class interaction which includes the use of high quality ingredients and the latest advanced technology. 

Our tutors of more than 25 International Training Centers, around the world, are amongst the best chefs in the dessert sector and their main objective is the complete success of their students; using the highly effective didactic method LE.DO.BE:

LE: Learn: Theory. Knowledge is fundamental for embarking on a new profession.

DO: Practice. Experience is essential to apply that knowledge and make it become a reality.

BE: Become. The realization of a dream profession comes from a combination of market research together with the necessary theory and practice to define a strategy of success.