About 5-Star Pastry Series


Redefining the Art of World-Class Pastries and Desserts

PreGel America’s 5-Star Pastry Series® is a cornucopia of educational seminars designed to create dynamic pastry experiences that know no bounds. Specifically crafted for advanced artisan chefs looking to sharpen their skills in niche categories such as plated desserts, pastry buffets, and chocolate, the 3-day custom seminars are lectured by world-renowned pastry chefs dedicated to providing a superior level of instruction.

Exclusively hosted at PreGel’s International Training Centers—Charlotte, each seminar in the series provides an intimate class setting, holding no more than 24 students to ensure each attendee receive absolute personal attention.

The culinary genius of our PreGel 5-Star Chefs® combined with PreGel’s cutting-edge facility and unparalleled ingredients sets the stage for a compelling learning experience that translates to a competitive advantage for all who attend. The program allows PreGel 5-Star Pastry Chefs® to continue to impact the industry in a highly professional setting and challenge industry professionals to the utmost levels of their crafts.

PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® Background

PreGel America and the Launch of the PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series®

PreGel America had an extraordinary vision for advanced pastry chefs looking to sharpen their skills with little resources to do so. The idea to create a program specifically for this audience of professionals, to be taught by world-renowned chefs, was a notion that could not be ignored. Following its objective to gather the best talent, offer exemplary curriculums in niche fields, and provide students the opportunity to hone their skills in a state-of-the-art learning environment—for which they could receive ACF-certified continuing education hours—PreGel moved forward to make this vision a reality.

After a long period of tedious planning, hard work, and dedication, PreGel launched the 5-Star Pastry Series® in 2009, giving professional chefs a platform to explore the latest trends and techniques in advanced pastry through seminars and hands-on training set in an intimate environment. This initiative would further drive the point that quality education never ends.

“When we decided to launch this series, it was important to me to make sure that the chefs we brought in were world-class and at championship level, with years of experience,” says Marco Casol, managing director, PreGel. “Experience is important, as it shows our attendees the need to evolve as this industry is always changing. We are pleased to be able to present culinary professionals across the country the opportunity to join us at our facility to learn the latest innovations and techniques in the world of pastry and desserts.”

See some of our PreGel 5-Star Pastry Series® student testimonials below.

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5 Star Tesimonials

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5 Star Tesimonials

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5 Star Tesimonials

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